Weekly Body Appreciation #1

My case manager/ therapist at the eating disorder treatment center I go to said she wanted me to list at least 3 things weekly that I appreciate my body for and why. This was hard at first, it even a little cheesy, but here goes…

This week I appreciate my body…

for being able to drive long distances, through low visibility, falling snow and rain. staying concentrated and focused as I passed cars. my eyes doing double time: the mirrors, the road in front of me, the speedometer.

for running outside in the rare warm February weather. my body providing me with strength and endurance. active lungs and a healthy heart now properly work so I can breathe and blood can flow through my veins now more effectively than ever.

for being able to smell the sweet scent of fresh air. and for feeling the warmth of the sunny day and also the coolness from the small remaining patches of snow that still stuck to the pavement. IMG_6100

I appreciate my body for…

cleaning the dishes for my mom and dad this weekend while they were away. hands that were able to clench the sponge and run the dishes through the soapy water. for carrying a heavy box of laptops at work on Saturday, for having the head space and the attention to tutor. eyes that exhibited interest, compassion and kindness. i appreciate my body for allowing me the strength and energy to help others.

being able to have in-depth, fun, intellectual and honest conversations with my best friends. my brain for allowing me come up with words to express myself. my limbs for elaborating on the words my brain so skillfully provided me. my head for nodding up and down in agreement. my vocal chords, my eyes for displaying that I was there with them not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. i appreciate my body for making it possible for me to experience such raw, wonderful and authentic friendships.

for allowing me to relax during the weekend. my eyes and ears for watching the picturesque film to rome with love. my brain for allowing me the energy and space to feel like i was there in the movie with the characters. to imagine the characters thoughts, feelings and emotions. my skin for feeling teh softness and cozy blanket wrapped around me. i appreciate my body for allowing me to actively, thoughtfully and excitingly enjoy the weekend.







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