It’s Time to Start Living

It’s time I start living

It’s time I start believing in myself

It is time to trust that accepting my scars doesn’t take me back, it only propels me forward.


It’s time to put my dreams into action

It’s time to breakaway from self-doubt and loathing

It’s time to lose the distractions, the procrastination, the pettiness, the blame,  the perfectionism


It’s time to abandon the catastrophizing, the labeling, the all or nothing, the expecting the worst

It’s time I stop the black and white thinking, It’s time I live in the gray

It’s time to acknowledge nostalgia without losing sight of what is in front of me

It’s time I answer the whys , it is time I plan the hows, the when’s and the where’s


It’s time to ensure other’s needs are met without sacrificing my own.

It’s time to stop apologizing to my friends and family, instead it is time to not only tell them but also to show them how much they mean to me, how much I appreciate them, how much I love them, how much faith and trust I have in them. It is time I give them the same immense love and support they have so graciously given me

It is time to stop chanting self deprecating thoughts to myself every morning when the sun comes up and every night when the sun goes down

It is time to allow myself to feel sadness, anger, lonlieness and fear without seeing the feelings as life sentences

It is time for me to experience happiness, joy and love without skepticism if I deserve it

It is time for me to take up space, both physically and metaphorically

It is time for me to do the things I never thought I could do

It is time to fall

It is time to cry

It is time to forgive

It is time to listen

It is time to trust

It is time to be vulnerable

It is time to try, fail and try again

It is time to laugh, to love

It is time to live


This post is dedicated and inspired by one of my best friends, Nijly Vilme thank you for your unconditional love and support. You can check out her fantastic blog at @yourbigsister:

I hope it’s time you can start living too.

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