The Soundtrack to My Life


I keep a lot of journals, but one of my journals is special. It is special because written in its pages are lyrics to some of my favorite songs. Songs whose lyrics sings the breathings of my heart and the de  pths of my mind. There is a quote I really like by author Beau North, and it goes like this…

“your pain is your own until you put it into music, then it belongs to everyone. You’ll find it lightens the load”. 

This quote speaks to me because I can agree with what it is saying. Music is special in that it brings people together,, maybe not always physically together but when you listen to music’s lyrics sometimes it helps you find the words or emotions you are looking for. Without music I think we’d have a much harder time expressing ourselves.

Here are some of the songs:

Breakaway ~ Kelly Clarkson

Ever since I heard this song for the first time (14 years ago, yikes!), it resonated with me. The desire to see the word beyond the small one I came from. But also the internal pull of childhood an adulthood. It is a kind reminder that moving away doesn’t necessarily mean you are moving on away from the people you love.



Landslide~ Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac is one of my favorite bands, and Landslide is one of my favorite songs (by a landslide haha). This song resonates with me because I too wonder if I can sail through the changing ocean tides, or if I can handle the seasons of my life. 

WildflowersTom Petty

I like this because I agree that I, that we all belong somewhere you feel free. 


Jar of Hearts~ Christina Perri

This song is very meaningful because it talks about the inner strength needed to walk away, and to resist going back to the things that hurt you the most. It is about the temptation to go back to the very thing that hurt us not because it feels good but because it feels comfortable.


Blowin’ In The Wind~ Bob Dylan 

I like this song because I think it is a sweet reminder to let life take its course. Sometimes we have to loosen our grip on the reigns and let the wind blow through what needs to be felt.





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