Weekly Body Appreciation #3

My weekly body appreciation posts have not been weekly but that is okay because these posts are still helpful whether it is weekly or every so often. The goal is for these body appreciation posts to be natural and beneficial, so to me it is important to not force it, as long as I am treating and thinking about my body with kindness and respect. I’m always taking note of what my body is allowing me to do in the present moment. Sometimes at these moments I do not have a notebook with me or time to write it down, so instead I soak up the moment and remember it for when I have my journal and feel inspired to write about the moment of appreciation.

Since my last body appreciation post these are some of the things that I have taken note of:

I appreciate my legs for allowing me to walk the cobblestone streets of Boston with two of my best friends. We spent the day on a spontaneous adventure, enjoying the sunshine even though it was chilly. We walked past the harbor, explored the aquarium, meandered in and out of stores, and ate at Faneuil hall. We ended up walking eleven miles!  But I loved being in the city with them. I had been feeling bored with my home surroundings, the newness of the environment was so refreshing.

I appreciate my present mind. I appreciate the realization I’ve been granted, that I did not recognize how much life I was missing out on, until I truly took recovery seriously and became 100% committed to living life without ED. I never want to go back to ED because the now the sweetest moments are even sweeter, and the hard moments are still hard but they don’t break me the same way they use to as when I was in the thick of my eating disorder.

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