For Love of the Written Word

“There are many good reasons to write that have nothing to do with being published. Writing is a powerful search mechanism, and one of its satisfactions is to come with your life narrative. Another is to work through some of life’s hardest knocks loss, failure, grief, illness, addiction, disappointment, and to find understanding and solace.”~ William Zinsser (American writer and literary critic, 1922-2015).

Finding solace in writing is a truly wonderful experience. To know there is someone who can articulate what you yourself has yet to be able to articulate is something truly remarkable. The power of your words, of my own words, or someone else’s is like a golden ticket. A golden ticket, the key to unlock a certain understanding, empathy and compassion towards yourself and humanity. This is why I’m so in love with writing, language and art. We don’t always need to know what we are expressing, but as long as we are expressing something, the rest will fall into place.

I believe that books can save lives. That the written word is as powerful as the very force of nature. Pieces of paper aren’t living entities but when you write on them they become like a living breathing organism.  Writing on a page can transgress space and time, undo the laws of nature and change the way of the worlds. Why do you think certain books are banned, that’s because they are so incredibly influential. Why do you think scribbled symbols on sandstone have lasted since the beginning of time. A peak into the past, an ode to the present, a glimpse into the future. That is what writing is all about.

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