Piece By Piece: My Stomach is Nothing to Fear

Our midsections receive a lot of hatred and negativity. They are the part of our bodies that we are most often taught to be dissastisfied with. When I was in the deepest points of my eating disorder my stomach was the part that bothered me the most. The part that took me the longest to come to terms with and to appreciate. It is the part of me that took the longest to nurture instead of neglect. But in fact it is one of the most important parts of ourselves. We shouldn’t be taught to hate it, I’m not saying you have to love it. Somedays I don’t love mine either. But I do know one thing, even on the days I don’t feel positive about it, at least I can recognize it’s importance, I can learn to accept and appreciate the belly, the stomach, the tummy, abdomen, what ever it is you’d like to call it!

My abdomen is not to fear. My abdomen protects my essential internal organs from harm, from injury. My lungs, my ribs, my liver would be wounded so easily if it weren’t for the flesh on my outer shell.

My abdomen is not to curse. My abdomen gives me strength. Strength to stand tall, to sit, to walk, to run. And one day it will give me the strength to bring life into this world.

My abdomen is not to be fixed. It is to be taken care of. The skin that covers it deserves the same nurture I would give any other part of me. It should not be poked, prodded, measured and restrained. It should not be wished away as if it were a bad fortune.

My abdomen is not to be dreaded. Not to be despised, ignored or wished away. For if I had no abdomen I would lose the experience of feelings. You know those little lights that turn on that remind you that you are alive. Pings of love, joy, hope, fear, sadness. For without my abdomen I’d have no fight or flight, no gut feelings, no conscious.

My abdomen does not exist to ruin my days and it’s appearance does not define my worth. For it is simply a part of me that houses serendipity, radiates and provides energy, protection, life. It is simply a cover, an outer shell, shelter from the storm. Like a house, no matter the shape or color, it is what is within the skin that matters.


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