On The Day I Was Born

On the day I was born

The moment I emerged from my mother’s womb

It started to snow

A light and delicate snow 

Almost as if it were a prophecy


Frozen to the touch 

Seemingly light and fragile 

Unknowingly strong, unassuming,  powerful

Unique from within with a conformists exterior 

Subject to melt, to disappear forever

Ceasing under pressure 

Microscopic, loathed, welcomed but then wished away 


Desired only on occasions 

Loved exceptionally  

Beautiful but easily tainted, soiled, dulled 

Heavily influenced by the world surrounding it 

Predictably unpredictable 



Expectedly unexpected

One day peaceful, amicable 

The next barreling with rage, charging with a sharp integrity  

Frequently falling, landing, changing, soaring and falling again


The moment I was born snow fell from the sky 

It is almost as if it were a prophecy 



*featured image: “Magpie” ~Claude Monet, 1869




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