The Compass


May 5, 2018 

Life without ED 

I have the clarity to make decisions 

The ability to reach into my soul and extract feelings, thoughts, desires 

Those in which are not controlled by a monster, a cruel dictator who assassinates my integrity, robs me of an authentic identity 

There is a ferocity inside me long chained, bottled up, stowed away, is now pleading for a renewed zest for life

A life that posses an enriched mind with space to grow, a heart that is open and alive 

I feel as if a compass has been installed somewhere inside of me, coursing through me like a canoe floating down the river 

It sends me in the direction of my dreams, my authenticity, an emerging and captivating identity faraway from the murky abyss 

I’m regaining a former state of conciousness 

I finally understand what Jiminy Cricket meant by  “let your conscious be your guide”  


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