And So She Did…

And So She Did

find her voice

find people who made her dark

and lonely world remarkably full of life and love

create herself

make a difference

inspire the world that inspired her

see the world

live a life she could be proud of


And So She Did 

take risks

to experience raw and uneasy emotions

grow to be vulnerable, courageous, expressive

take up space in the same world that had been determined to shrink her

become a connoisseur of words, a martyr of literature

find the song in her heart and sang it for the world to hear

learn about the world

expand her mind beyond the limits that had once held her back




And So She Did 

accept her past

take the harder days in stride

bloom where she was planted, her roots becoming branches

spent more time in the present moment that the past or the future

welcome people into her life

treat her body and herself with kindness and the respect she deserved

live life without ED

trust in herself

believe in herself




artwork by Leonid Afremov 



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